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Walking in off Main Street to the sound of people catching up with friends and the smell of perfectly brewed coffee brings me pure joy.  Elvera’s is the perfect blend of hand-crafted lattes in a friendly, warm environment.   In addition to the great coffee, the food is fabulous -- from the huge breakfast sandwiches on fresh bagels to the homemade soups and sandwiches at lunchtime.   But what makes Elvera’s a truly great local café is the friendly vibe starting with owner/master brewer, Sandie!  She’s always behind the counter making sure everything is perfect but always has time for a friendly chat.  I’ve been coming in since 2016 and it feels like home!  Elvera’s Café is where Downtown Brockton meets.  It’s the type of place every neighborhood should have.

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Tim Doherty

Norwood, MA

Customer since 2016

“Without hesitation, we would say that Elvera`s Cafe rapidly became a destination coffee shop in the Brockton area. Everything about it and the owner just clicked: Friendly service in a warm environment. Great products, and a gathering place for old and new friends to meet. An added bonus was that Sandy opened it in the heart of downtown. Being on Main Street helped make it the best !!”

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John & Erin Matthews

Bridgewater, MA

Customer since 2015

“Elvera’s is found at the center of the city of Brockton, but it is really the HEART of Brockton. Elvera’s is where you stop in for a coffee but leave with lifelong friends. From its beginning it has been much more than a coffee shop. It is a meeting place, it is giver to the community, it is a smile. Great food, great drinks and great community.”


Louis Lemoiux

Brockton, MA

Customer since 2015

“I had just become homeless and walking through Brockton from W. Bridgewater. I saw people working to rehab an old store space ( currently Elvera's) and I inquired about the type of business it would be, little did I know those people would become so instrumental to my daily life and stability of my emotional state. I was at the time and unknown to me dealing with PTSD. Those later times I frequented Elvera's as often as I could, it was literally my oasis for peace and tranquility. Sandy made Everyone feel comfortable and at home, later on I actually began working p.t. in the same job as her Dad. While her Mom still often helped out in the coffee shop.
Simply a beautiful family and the source of the few positive memories I yet have of those days... G.J.P.”

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Garry Pfauth

Phoenix, AZ

Customer since 2015

“ From the moment I first entered Elvera’s Cafe and met Sandra Martin  I knew that I made a lifelong change for the better. Sandra has become a wonderful, loving friend of mine. Not only is she a friend of mine she is a friend to the whole community. She’s always giving of herself, organizing fun inclusive events and making her space a better place. I love her.”

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Barbara Hulme

Situate, MA

Customer since 2015

“ Elevera's Cafe is the HEART in the heart of Brockton! Love the people, love the vibe, love the coffee and goods!!” #foreverpatron


Lil Ryan

Raynham, MA

Customer since 2015

“I love Elvera’s cafe! The owner and staff are very welcoming, it’s a great atmosphere to do work, and they have all the non-dairy alternatives. The best oat milk lattes!”


Emily Ann

“It's the best coffee shop in town. Absolutely love the coffee and the new infused drinks. It's a great place for a quick cup of coffee or to sit down and enjoy lunch. The customer service is hands down amazing Sandra is great!!”


Lisa Marie

Elvera's coffee reminds me of my childhood, when my mother used to make latte with sweet bread. It's cozy, cheerful, and delicious. They always smile when they see me. Elvera's make me happy.

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Magda Gaul

Abington, MA

Costumer since 2017

“Elvera’s is my go-to for breakfast and lunch while at work. The coffee is delicious! There are a ton of options and different specials and everything is flavorful. My personal favorite is the different soups every week in the fall and winter.”

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Diana Rodrigues

Taunton, MA

Customer since 2016

“Elvera’s came to Brockton having faith in us, Downtown and Brockton as a community.  The quality  products served as well as Elvera’s providing a “place” to talk, meet, and laugh, is our community.”

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Mary Waldron

Brockton, MA

Customer since 2015

“Elvera’s is my home away from home! The coffee is top notch, just like Sandra and her staff.  They are always on top of their game and take the time to get to know their customers.”


George Durante

Norwood, MA

Customer since 2016

“ Elvera’s is the coffee shop every community needs. It’s the hub that serves good coffee with a smile and good conversation with fellow guests. As I look forward to the changing of the seasons, I look forward to the season specials that Sandy and her staff creates. It’s not just special food and drinks that come with the change of the season but special events as well. I have always had a good cup of coffee and conversation while working from the coffee shop looking out onto Main Street and look forward to returning soon.”


Mathew Dyer

Hanson, MA

Customer since 2017

“Great quality with a great atmosphere!  The owner really takes pride in her business and really puts her all into everything she serves.  Also a very clean establishment.  I would highly recommend Elvera’s cafe to anyone!”

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Nikki Beach
Acushnet, MA
Customer since 2015

“Delicious quality food! Homemade and home baked goodness. A real treasure in Downtown Brockton!”


Cindy Ethier Kostka

“So NICE to have a real BARISTA in town!  The nitro is fantastic!  The staff are super friendly!   Elvera's is definitely worth checking out once you go you'll keep going!”

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Wanda S

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